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Best island for couples vacation

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Hi, I'm looking for the best island to vacation to with my husband. Any island, not just the ones listed. We haven't been to many islands before, so we're kind of newbies. Safety and the weather are probably my two greatest concerns. We are very much beach people and will probably spend most of our time relaxing and swimming.

Here are our specifications:
-We have to travel in late November due to work, we'll be vacationing for 4-5 nights
-Weather in the 80's
-Warmer water so we can swim.
-Safe area to go out into town one day
-Not a lot of kids, somewhat secluded
-Maybe some excursions like boating or snorkeling
-budget is about $2000 per person (we're looking into all inclusive options vs. non inclusive)

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    You "list" is quite general and really doesn't include anything that will help you narrow down potential destinations so we really need more information from you. Basically all you've really told us is you are planning to travel in late November and you have a budget of $2,000/person (and it's not clear if that budget is just for accommodations r if i includes airfare. So, let me make a few general comments and ask you a few questions:

    1) When you say "late November" what exactly do you mean? If you mean Thanksgiving week you chances of not encountering children will be small as that's a major time for family travels.

    2) There's not more than a 3 to 5 degree F. difference in average temperature throughout the Caribbean islands and In November average temperatures will be in the low to mid 80's just about everywhere. NOTE: The Bahamas are not technically in the Caribbean and can be a bit cooler so anything south of there will meet your weather criteria. November is the tail end of the Hurricane Season in the Caribbean and while the odds are small you'll encounter a major storm it is a possibility throughout the Caribbean. Weather-wise there's not much difference though out the Caribbean at the end of November.

    3) Likewise water temps will be fairly warm and about the same no matter where you go.

    4) As long as you use common sense safety isn't a major issue on most Caribbean islands, especially in areas frequented by tourists.

    5) You can go boating and on excursions on any island. If snorkeling is a high priority look closely at the USVI's and BVI's as you'll find lots of snorkeling on those islands. Snorkeling is somewhat limited on the other islands on your list. Bonaire has some excellent snorkeling.

    6) Is your $2,000/person budget for accommodations/food only or does it also include airfare? If it includes airfare we need to know where you are flying from to make meaningful suggestions.

    7) You'll find the greatest number of All Inclusive Resorts in the Dominican Republic, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel and to a lesser extent Antigua. The majority of All Inclusives on other islands will be out of your price range. St. Martin has too many great dining options to go "All Inclusive".

    8) If you are only going for 4 or 5 nights you should look at islands you can reach non-stop from your nearest International Gateway Airport otherwise you could end up losing as much as 2 full days traveling to/from your destination.

    9) You'll find beaches on just about every island so that doesn't help narrow your choices.

    So help us help you by telling us: First - clarify what your $2,000/person budget includes and tell us where you are flying from. Second - Tell us which islands you been to before (you implied you visited a few) and what you liked and disliked about them. No sense having us ease time by suggesting islands you've already visited if you aren't going to go here again. Third - let us know what type of excursions and activities interest you (all we know is you like snorkeling and boating).

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    Thanks for the response!

    We will be traveling either the night before or on Thanksgiving day and coming back the following Monday.
    Our budget of $2,000 per person includes airfare and we'll be flying from Boston. Thanks for the suggestion about the direct flight. Good point!
    I have been to Bermuda and we've been to Key West together(which we enjoyed). In Key West we took a guided boat out and had lunch, snorkeled, went swimming, and kayaked. Those are the types of activities we enjoy doing.

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    You picked the most worst time to travel if you don't want to vacation with kids, not to mention it's just the worst time of year to try to get through airports and fly. If you can go the day after Thanksgiving, you will probably find it less expensive and less crowded. The past few years we have vacationed in early November/December and we had all kinds of trouble with the weather getting in and out of the US.

    Unless you choose an adults/couple only AI, a villa or something really expensive and/or secluded, you will be inundated with families. I don't know if $4,000 for air and hotel will be enough for a holiday vacation. You might want to research some on-line booking sites and just see what's out there during the time you want to go, which will help narrow done your decision. The least expensive destinations are going to be Mexico, Jamaica and the DR. I avoid the Caribbean side of Mexico in November/ December because the pools are to cold to swim in. The West side of Mexico, most of the hotels their have heated pools, but their beaches are horrible. Neither Jamaica or the DR is known for their snorkeling. Caribbean Mexico has fabulous snorkeling and great off property excursions that will fit your want list. The ocean temps and weather are fine, if you don't care about a pool.

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