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Trip Report 1 day in Provo WARNING fear of flying!

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I spent 1 full day in Provo-call me crazy!

It was suppose to be Wed-Sat, but flights were awful. I already have a fear of flying, was actually getting over it, and now it's all back again. Wed was a super bumpy flight, the kind where the stewardesses are suppose to stay in their seat. We had to circle Miami for 45 minutes West to avoid bad thunderstorms. We ran thru to our connection with another couple, and got to the gate 15 minutes before the connection was suppose to leave. Previous, the pilots were like, "don't worry, most flights will be delayed..." The plane was GONE. It took off 10 minutes EARLY and wasn't even pulling out then, it was on the runway. That means the gate was closed 20 minutes before departure. Legally, to my knowledge, you have until 10 minutes before departure. AA was only willing to give a $20 off "distress" discount to Howard Johnson's, because "weather happens." The more I thought about it, I returned to CS desk, because while weather happens, planes aren't suppose to take off early, especially if they are not full (including stand-bys. The new CS reps were at least nice, as opposed to the rudeness of other Miami workers. They printed out infos for me (such as when the flight departed) and incouraged me to write in--which I still have to do, and will do.

Next day, took off at 10:20, and uneventful flight UNTIL

landing in Provo, we were over the houses in Turtle Tail, then the plane sharply took off again, straight up! There was a huge weather squall, and absolutely no viz of the runway. We had to circle about 40 minutes in turbulence, lightning, yikes! After landing and seeing some friends that afternoon, they were saying how they were watching planes trying to come in on the worse mini storm they've ever seen. Hello!!!! That was us!!!!

So we're already missing a day. For all of you that check out the weather channel for forcasts: the next day they were calling for 70% storms and no sun, so complete overcast. It was gorgeous!!!! Not a cloud in the sky, perfect temps, bright, bright turquoise water. Made the adventure worth it. Ate at Opus, not bad, but not really memerable. Tried Somewhere on the Beach to watch NaDa, but cancelled due to wather. Next day hung on Grace Bay, went to see NaDa at O'Soliel, which is always awesome. Don't know if it was my luck on this trip, but service was not great that night. They messed up our reservations and did nothing about it, and service was slow. Maybe I was also uptight from the trip. Daniel and Nadine were terrific, and nothing would keep me away from returning. Food, especially the sea bass, was excellent, and waiting long while NaDa sings is always a way to spend the evening anyway.

Next day we were suppose to fly back late in afternoon, but this time it was dark and overcast, so we decided to return on an earlier flight. Got on standby, but was warned we'd have to go to an agent and re-check in Miami. In Miami, 4 people working, but all standing around talking to other employees. No one else in line. 10 minutes, I ask 1 of them if they are open, and they say "we're working on a customer." For 10 minutes, proceeded to talk in Spanish to each other, about dates and the night before. They had no idea I was bi-lingual, and when I explained to my husband who's not, they just glared at me like it's just to bad for me. Typical Miami airport attitude. Don't get me wrong, I like Miami, but the airport just always seems to be rude workers and put passengers on the defensive when something goes wrong. Shame on them. After that, a huge group gets in line, and another worker decides to open his kiosk. (about 12 minutes have passed) he says next in line, which was me (only one line for 11 minutes) and he says "you're not with the group?" ???????

Followed by "since last week you have to pay for standby." I said, "agent should have told me that before my last standby to get to Miami" he says, "You don't have to be rude!" ????????

I said how much, he didn't know, I had to use the monitor to find out (of course, the same monitor that said I had to go to an agent) then he doesn't say a word, gives me tickets.

Of course, the plane had mechanical problems, so we were delayed. Storms rolled in by then, so I had knots in my stomach. The flight ended up with the stewardesses sitting with seat belts again! I will avoid Miami airport and AA as much as possible from now on.

Still worth the 1 perfect day though!


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