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Any one ever vacation on Guam?

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Impressions? Suggestions? Do's and Don'ts. Things to avoid/or not avoid.
Interested in scuba, golf, culture.

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    My wife and I visited Saipan and Guam (3 days in
    Saipan, 4 in Guam) in June 1997. Continental
    Micronesia from Taiwan to Saipan, and especially
    between Saipan and Guam, is friendly (though the
    flight attendants may not always be completely
    compentent). We stayed at the Hyatt on Saipan;
    right next to Micro Beach and American Memorial
    Park (beautiful beach, and you can stroll through
    "little Okinawa" at night and see the working girls
    angle for customers on the porch of the Maytenth
    Building), but we paid around $200/night. (In
    Texas, it'd be half that.) In Guam, we also stayed
    at the Hyatt, which is in only slightly less scenic
    Tumon Bay (which is also basically devoted to
    Japanese tour groups), but it was $200 -
    $240/night. The rack rate is even higher in each
    case. Before going to the Marianas (Guam, Saipan,
    or the other islands), check into getting a hotel
    package. There are other hotels in Tumon Bay, some
    of which, like the new Westin, are even more
    expensive than the Hyatt. (Although the Hilton is
    less expensive, at around $150/night, the rooms
    are worse, looking about like those at a
    well-kept-up Motel 6 stateside.) And it might be
    important to remember that you are not, despite the
    fact that this is a US territory, stateside. The
    people talk with a somewhat-hard-to-understand
    accent, and Japanese tourists seem to be preferred
    to mainlanders. Guam, though, definitely feels
    more "American" than Saipan, where only Chamorros
    can buy land (against the US Constitution)? The
    Chamorro (native Mariana Islander) food is good,
    particularly the chicken kelaguen (shredded chicken
    with coconut, and some other spices), and anything
    with finadene, a sort of hot barbecue sauce made
    from fiery red peppers, soy sauce, lemon juice and
    chopped onions. I never could find any of this
    wonderful substance for sale, or I would have
    bought some. I really think they should make room
    at the many duty-free shops in the area for finadene, instead of all the "Hawaiian" stuff they
    sell. You can get Chamorro food at Chamorro
    Village, a public market on the downtown Agana
    waterfront, but I liked the Chamorro food at the
    Chamorro House (Saipan, in the Micro Beach area of
    Garapan), and at the Saipan Hyatt (on whatever
    night they have barbecue at the buffet; don't go to
    the Chamorro Beach Party, which seems overpriced,
    you can hear the music out your hotel window
    anyway). The Saipan Hyatt has excellent buffets the
    other night of the week, as well. You can't get as
    good a rate on car rental in Guam as you can in
    Saipan, we paid $44/day at Budget in Guam, compared
    with $38/day at Budget in Saipan. On the "main
    street" of Tumon Bay, there is a Japanese
    restaurant with "rotary" in its name; it's the one
    with the Japanese loudspeaker recording of what
    sounds like a rambunctious little girl. The same
    message is repeated continuously, and it's loud
    enough to deafen. You can't hear it inside the
    restaurant, though, and getting your little dishes
    one by one off a conveyor belt is kind of
    interesting. As far as touring Guam goes, just
    take the road that goes around the island
    (especially the southern half), you might be able
    to get around the island in one day, if you don't
    stop at too many beaches. Inarajan, in particular,
    has an interesting village atmosphere in its older
    section. The Chamorro Cultural Village there is
    supposed to be nice, but since the people there
    seem to be English- (or direction-) impaired, and
    there are no signs to points of interest anywhere in
    either in Guam or Saipan, we never could find it.
    I hear it's especially nice, though, on Wednesday
    mornings between 10 AM and noon, when local
    students perform traditional dances. It is, also,
    free. Talofofo Beach, with its brown sand, is not
    really beautiful, but it is interesting, and the
    coast road between Inarajan and Santa Rita is
    stunningly beautiful at times (goes through
    mountains and little towns with mountain backdrops,
    and by beautiful beaches). If, on the other hand,
    you happen to be at Two Lovers Point (just north of
    Tumon Bay), check out the giggly Japanese girl
    tourists ringing the bell and having their picture
    taken (there's a similar bell in Japan). Also,
    catch the Jon Anderson show on KUAM (AM radio) on
    weekday mornings, great coverage of local issues
    including Guam's junk car problem. Guam also has a
    National Public Radio station for your listening
    pleasure. Having said all this, it's not worth it
    to go to Guam without going to other destinations as
    well, unless perhaps you're a scuba diver, which
    I'm not. We were stuck in Taiwan during monsoon season, and wanted to get away for a taste of the US; that's why we went.

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    My wife and I are going to micronesia soon. We like to tour around and see beautiful islands with beautiful beaches. We're going to Rota, any other suggestions?

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