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urgent- apply for Indian visa in Paris as American??

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Hi all,

I need your informed advice! I am moving to India to volunteer and my visa was denied today in New York after nonstop incompetence on the part of BLS. They have informed me that if I attach one more affidavit my application (which I have already obtained), it will be approved. The issue is that I have a flight booked to Paris for this Sunday and there is no way that my visa and passport will be in my hands by then. I had originally planned to spend 3 weeks in Europe visiting family before moving to India in early September. I have looked into changing my flight and it seems that the *minimum* amount it will cost me to delay my plans at such a late date is absurdly $1,000... which I cannot really afford. The only other option I see is applying for the visa in Paris and staying there for the 3 weeks before my flight to Bombay. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible and how long it would take? The website of the company the consulate contracts out to ( shows different processing times and mentions additional documents for non French nationals applying for visas at the Indian consulate there so clearly it is possible to apply as a US citizen. However, one of the documents they require is proof of residence in France.... I have seen mixed information online about this and when a friend called the "call center" the other day, the man at the company seemed to think it was possible to apply without having lived in France for a significant period of time.

Does anyone have information or experience with this?? Unfortunately by the time I found out about my visa rejection the French consulate was closed for the night and I just saw that Friday August 9 is a holiday for the consulate so I must make this decision about whether or not to delay my flight without speaking with the consulate!

I have been a total wreck trying to figure out what to do so any help would be beyond appreciated!

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