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Tokyo or Seoul? (Or Somewhere else?)

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I am taking a trip to Kyoto and Hong Kong, with room for one more stop, in September. I am spending about four or five nights in each city. I love Kyoto and Hong Kong, but I did not love Tokyo on my only trip there. I was planning on giving Tokyo another chance, but now I am considering Seoul instead. (I am using an award ticket which permits two stopovers, hence the three different city option). I realize I could do both Tokyo and Seoul by visiting Tokyo when I am in Kyoto, and taking the bullet train, but that would push my budget above where I want it to be, and I have it in my mind that three cities in about twelve to fourteen days is what I am looking for.

Though the DMZ seems very interesting to me, I am not sure why else I would want to go to Seoul? I know only a couple of people who have been there, and they do not speak very highly of it. The truth is, I really do not know much of anything about Seoul or S. Korea. But I feel like I should at least go to one new place, since I have already been to Tokyo, HK, and Kyoto.

Can anyone help me with what kind of city Seoul is? Is it a great walking city (which I love), is there great food, shopping, nightlife?....How are westerners treated (I have heard it is a very closed society, and I do not know anyone there), is language and communication a problem, is it expensive, etc....?

I welcome any specific advice on Seoul, as well as general advice. I am also considering Bangkok as my third city, but I have been a few times before, and the heat and rain in September give me pause, as well as the general issue of feeling that I have already seen and done a lot there.

Thank you.

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