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Thailand Nakhom Pathom 3 weeks with GF, how much money?

Hi I know this topic exists already, but my case is a bit different. How much money would you estimate to bring for a 3 week stay? Read my details:

There will be no hotels involved, the parents insist I reside in their home for the entire stay, the mom will drive us where we'd like to go. The LEAST I can do is pay for everything :P gas, food, gifts, activities... She has a LOT of things for me to do at the house so that's probably where most of the time will be spent: arts and crafts, cooking dinners, gaming, exercising and other things to do together.

The part that involves money: groceries, gas for driving, buying sanrio niknaks, cosmetics, shopping for clothing for the climate (for me) she wants to help me choose them :P and also places like swensens and light dining (not fine dining, they're not much into that).

Things we definitely won't be doing (she's afraid of these things) tours, bars, drinking, clubbing, street vendor foods, things of the outdoor life nature. She's delicate (lupus case, photosensitive) so she says she'd be most happy just having me there even if most of our time is at home. I myself am not into those things much either, so doing the things we like at home together is perfect for me if thats what she wants :)

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