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southeast asia, india ......... or central america???????

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My hubby & I are thinking of travelling some time in March. I would like to visit some areas of Central America. I really want to experience something out of my own reality. We went to Italy this past spring. I had not been there since 1973, & I was so disappointed. Rome had turned in NYC (where I'm from), except w/ a few old buildings! It's crowded, everyone on their cell phones, everyone rushing around, a zillion chain stores like Sephora & H&M, the concept of siesta is dead. Barcelona was similar. That's why I'd like to try somewhere a little more exotic, more undeveloped.
Last summer I spent a wk on Roatan, & altho now a cruise stop, it's still relatively un-developed & touristy, esp compared to places like Jamaica, for ex.
We can go for 2, maybe 3 wks. We like culture, history, nature, some rainforest, a little hiking, some beach. Perhaps a little of everything. We love to be able to go somewhere & wander.

I've been looking at Guatemala, maybe mainland Honduras, maybe Panama ...... Nicaragua, El Salvador ...... I'm open.

Also, I'm interested in researching some volunteer opportunities. Should I feel a connection w/ an area & feel like I could live there in relative safety & comfort, I would strongly consider going back & spending a few months there. My hubby is a retired English teacher, & I'm a retired counselor. I'm particularly interested in the issue of sex trafficking, & would like to work w/ young women.

Very confused.

My other idea is southeast Asia (particularly Viet Nam & Cambodia) but the distance & airfare make central america more desirable, esp if I consider going back to volunteer. Same w/ India, although I'm dying to go there.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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