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Plan B/Bangkok - just in case

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Hi, all,
With the uncertainty in Bangkok and the start of our trip less than 3-weeks away, I thought I'd develop a "Plan B" just in case the situation has become too unsettled to stay. We are still planning on our visit; however, things are changing daily, so I would like to have some options. I have a few thoughts but I'd also love some suggestions here. We arrive in Bangkok on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 19, and fly to Chiang Mai late afternoon on Thurs, Jan. 23 from Bangkok.

1) Beach stay -- Krabi/vicinity (or other recommended beach?)
I like the idea generally, but don't want to break the bank at an expensive resort or purchase airline tickets that I'm hoping I won't have to use. Some of the recommended places are already booked up. I also don't want to hop on yet another plane after traveling umpteen hours from NYC. I do like the idea of something that is very different from the rest of the trip (Chiang Mai, Chaing Rai, Luang Prabang, Siem Reap), but don't want to make a financial commitment that will cost a lot that I won't end up using.

2) Ayuthaya/vicinity - a trip (train?) outside of Bangkok, visiting Ayuthaya and then on to another site in the region. While we are ending in Siem Reap, I think we'd enjoy seeing both sites, as hubby is especially interested in history & architecture. This isn't currently in my itinerary. However, this isn't enough for 3 days so need some other ideas.

3) Any other thoughts? I really am hoping that this isn't going to be needed as I'm very much looking forward to visiting Bangkok for the first time. However, I do think a backup plan is good to have "just in case".

Thanks much for feedback and suggestions!


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