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  1. 1 역삼안마유명한곳[010~4373~1910]【강남안마1위】
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  4. 4 역삼근처안마(010_4373_1910)【강남안마1위】
  5. 5 역삼안마방『010=4373=1910』【강남안마1위】
  6. 6 역삼동안마(010_4373_1910)【강남안마1위】
  7. 7 강남안마유명한곳[010~4373~1910]【역삼안마1위】
  8. 8 강남안마좋은곳[010~4373~1910]【역삼안마1위】
  9. 9 강남안마추천《010+4373+1910》【역삼안마1위】
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  11. 11 강남안마방『010=4373=1910』【역삼안마1위】
  12. 12 강남역안마(010_4373_1910)【역삼안마1위】
  13. 13 강남구안마(010_4373_1910)【역삼안마1위】
  14. 14 강남안마(010_4373_1910)【역삼안마1위】
  15. 15 에스안마추천010⇔4373⇔1910『에스안마,남궁실장』
  16. 16 에스안마예약010⇔4373⇔1910『에스안마,남궁실장』
  17. 17 에스안마방010⇔4373⇔1910『에스안마,남궁실장』
  18. 18 에스안마남궁실장010⇔4373⇔1910『에스안마,남궁실장』
  19. 19 에스안마010⇔4373⇔1910『에스안마,남궁실장』
  20. 20 애니콜안마추천010⇔4373⇔1910『애니콜안마,남궁실장』
  21. 21 애니콜안마위치010⇔4373⇔1910『애니콜안마,남궁실장』
  22. 22 애니콜안마예약010⇔4373⇔1910『애니콜안마,남궁실장』
  23. 23 애니콜안마방010⇔4373⇔1910『애니콜안마,남궁실장』
  24. 24 애니콜안마남궁실장010⇔4373⇔1910『애니콜안마,남궁실장』
  25. 25 애니콜안마010⇔4373⇔1910『애니콜안마,남궁실장』
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Need Advice on the Essential Tokyo

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I haven't been to Tokyo in 20 years, but I'm going in the first week of July for 3 days. I am most interested in the cultural, historical and spiritual sides of the city (I live in NYC, so there is little interest in modern shopping and I'm not a nightlife party person). Solo female traveler of moderate fitness.

So I would love your advice on the best things to do. I like a combination of seeing the iconic sights to understand what made them iconic, as well as the delightful little secret places that illuminate the real life of a city but that tourists would rarely hear about. Little gem museums, neighborhood markets that locals use, hole-in-the-wall restaurants with local ambiance....

My taste in food is not terribly adventurous unfortunately due to some digestive issues (I prefer cooked food to raw), but I will try new things. Or authentic versions of things that have been Americanized on this side of the ocean to discover what it's supposed to taste like!

As for the famous sights, I'd appreciate any insider tips on how to get the best experience of them and not be herded like cattle.

BTW, I've already been outside the city to the Kamakura Buddha and done a cable car to see Fuji... This time, as I only have three days, I'm looking to stay pretty much to Tokyo area proper.

Thank you, in advance, for all your help - so share that wisdom!

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