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Itinerary help

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Hey everyone, I'm planning a two week trip to Japan and would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have about my itinerary!

Arrival at Osaka Airport late afternoon. Night bus from Osaka to Hiroshima.
1- HIROSHIMA (Sleep in Hiroshima)
Heiwakinen Park (Peace Memorial Museum, Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims). Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum. Atomic Bomb Dome. Hiroshima hypocenter

2- HIROSHIMA (Sleep in Hiroshima)
Hiroshima Museum of Art. Hiroshima Castle. Shukkuein. Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum. Central Park. Mitaki-dera

3- MIYAJIMA (Sleep on Honshu right next to Miyajima Port)
Itsukushima Shine. Senjokaku. Miyajima giant rice scoop. Mount Misen hike. Daishô-in. Momijidani Park. Folk Museum. Crafts Museum. Shinomiya Shrine. General walk around.

4- IWAKUNI morning + MIYAJIMA (Sleep in Hiroshima)
Kintai Bridge. Kikkō Park (Iwakuni Art Museum, Kikkō Shrine, Chokokan Museum, Kikkawa Hiroyushi statue, Tosenji, Kikkawa Museum, Mekata residence). Iwakuni ropeway + castle. Uno Chiyoda Birthplace. Shiinoohachimangu Hongu if time.
Miyajima whatever I didn’t have time to do the day before.

5- KURE morning + HIROSHIMA (Sleep in Hiroshima)
JMSDF Submarine museum. Yamato Museum. Irifuneyama Memorial Museum. What else?
Fukuromachi Elementary School Peace Museum. Rai Sanyo Shiseki Museum. Former Bank. Hondori Street (Animate + Jump Shop)

6- HIROSHIMA (Sleep in Hiroshima)
Futabanosato Historical Walking Trail (Includes Waterworks Museum and Peace Pagoda). Museum of Contemporary Art and Hijiyama Park if time. Shimizu Gekijo Theatre

7- KURASHIKI half day + OKAYAMA (Sleep in Okayama)
Ohashi House. Kurashiki City Art Museum. Kanryuji. Chi Shrine. Archaeological Museum. Kake Museum. Kurashiki Museum of Folkcraft. Japan Rural Toy Museum. Momotaro Museum. General walk around. How much does a boat ride down Kurashiki river cost, and is it worth it?
Okayama Castle + Korakuen.
Order may be inverted since I’m coming from Hiroshima with Shinkansen.

8- KIBI PLAIN + HIMEJI (Sleep in Himeji)
Bike ride through Kibi Plain from Bizen-Ichinomiya Station (not until Soja, just past Kibitsu Jinja to see the Momotaro sites)
Himeji Castle + Kokoen. What else? Are the art museums in Okayama worth going to? I’m already going to three in Hiroshima and a few others later on, so… I’m thinking maybe spend another day in Okayama / Himeji area, but I don’t know what else there is to do in these two cities really…

9- NARA (Sleep in Nara)
Nara Prefecture Art Museum. Kōfuku-ji. Sarusawa Pond. Nakatanidou. Gangō-ji. Naramachi Mechanical Toy Museum. Kasuga-taisha + Wakamiya Shrine + Kinryu Shrine. Kasugayama

10- NARA (Sleep in Nara)
Tōdai-ji + Todaiji Nigatsudo. Isui-en Garden. Narahimuro Shrine. Yoshiki-en Garden. Nara National Museum. Ukimidō. Mount Wakakusa Grass Hill. Byakugoji Temple
Do I have time to do all this in Nara in two days?

11- KYOTO (Sleep in Kyoto)
Fushimi Inari (hike to top). Sanjusangendo. Kyoto National Museum.
I would like to start the hike up Inariyama very early so I can see the shrine and gates at the bottom without interruption and people. I can buy stuff when I come down if needed. I know I could add more here but I’ll be tired. My hostel is really close to the National Museum. How long would it take to walk from the National Museum to Kiyomizu-dera? I know there’s a bus, but I prefer to walk :)

12- KYOTO (Sleep in Kyoto)
If I’m in the mood, the Philosopher’s Path. If not, then just Kyoto Station (skyway) + tower. Afternoon Gion area (including Shôren-in + Chion-in + Maruyama Park. I’ll be around until I can go to Gion corner -show starts at 6pm-. Yasaka Shrine afterwards, I want to see it after dark)

13- KYOTO (Sleep in Kyoto)
Arashiyama / Sagano (Gio-ji, Bamboo grove, Togetsukyo Bridge, Tenryuji, Okochi Sanso Villa, Jōjakukō-ji Temple, Rakushisha Poet’s Hut, Adashino Nenbutsu-ji, Otagi Nenbutsu-ji, Sagano Scenic Railway round route if time)


Since Osaka has the International Airport, I will come to Japan through Osaka many times on other trips, so I can slowly see the city bit by bit at a time (which is why I’m not giving it a proper full day). Hiroshima and Nara are two personal favourites and though I understand that many people do them as day trips, I would prefer to spend more time there than in Kyoto. I would like to leave Kyoto for another trip when I’ll be doing South Kansai and the Biwa Lake area, I’m really only going there since I had a few empty days and I wanted to settle down in one place (I easily get tired of moving between cities) and there’s a lot to do in Kyoto. Although I will be taking it easy since I’ll be doing a lot of walking throughout the trip, Kyoto is my rest time haha. Note that I will be back to Kyoto, but I probably won’t go to Okayama, Himeji or Kurashiki again so I’m willing to take a day off Kyoto and add longer time to any other place.
And I was looking at different passes, particularly for Hiroshima travel, but none seem to pay off. I will only be taking the shinkansen between Hiroshima-Okayama. Do you know of a pass or something that could help with travel costs? (Last time I was mostly around the Kantô area, so I have no experience with this).
I’m pretty sure of my itinerary up until day 6, from day 7 onwards it’s a bit more open to change. I hope you can help me out or comment your opinion on this!
Thank you! :)

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