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Into Indonesia 2010: The Plan Begins!

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So now that all the festivities of the GTG have died down, I find myself re-inspired (perhaps a bit early, but inspired nonetheless) to start the planning for our May 2010 trip to Bali & Java.

We've been wanting to go for years and I'm so thrilled that we're finally going to have the opportunity now..although I'm a bit frightened just having learned that Andy & Bob will both be there at the same time as us. It's obviously a foregone conclusion that we'll be hanging out with Karen & Beth and kicking those two to the curb! :)

So, without further ado, let me share what I've come up with so far. I know this isn't perfect...and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure it's in the right order or if we're spending the right amount of time in places--this will change, I'm sure, at least 25 times before I book our tickets. All i know is that we absolutely want to see Ubud and Borobudur.

Day 1 Depart LAX
Day 2 Arrive Denpasar, Bali / Transfer to Ubud
Day 3 Ubud
Day 4 Ubud
Day 5 Ubud
Day 6 Ubud
Day 7 Transfer to Lombok
Day 8 Lombok
Day 9 Lomnok
Day 10 Transfer to Seminyak
Day 11 Seminyak
Day 12 Seminyak / Transfer to Yogyakarta
Day 13 Yogyakarta / Borobudur
Day 14 Yogyakarta / Prambanan
Day 15 Yogyakarta/Transfer to Kuala Lumpur
Day 16 Kuala Lumpur
Day 17 Depart for LAX

Note, we're planning to fly into Bali and out of KL, as I don't want to circle back. There's also the option of going from Yogya to Singapore instead of KL...but I had a feeling that Singapore would be very expensive, comparatively-speaking.

Hotels I've looked at so far:
-Alam Shanti
-Tegal Sari
-Komaneka at Monkey Forest
-Komaneka at Tanggayuda
-Green Field Bungalows
-Bambu Indah

-Quinci Villas
-Hotel Tugu Lombok

-Hyatt Regency
-Saraswati (Borobudur)
-Amanjiwo (*note: we never could afford this, but I can still dream, can't I?) :)

Some questions:
-Are we spending too much time in Ubud? We LOVE nature, walking and rice patties--which is why I think we'll want to stay there longer than anywhere else. Just want to make sure we're not robbing ourselves of more time to be spent in one of our other prospective destinations.
-We always, on our trips, like to do a mix of less expensive, boutique hotels and then one big splurge. Where would be the best place to splurge on this trip?
-Not necessarily married to Seminyak, but figured it would be good to add an extra Bali destination in there--not just Ubud. Considered Lovina too (Damai Lovina looks wonderful!) but don't know much about other Bali destinations.
-Is it better to stay in Yogya for 1 night and in/near Borobudur another night? Or is it best to do Borobudur as a day trip from Yogya? (Definitely want to see the sunrise there!)
-How bad are Indonesian air carriers? I've heard nightmare stories on just about every one of them. Hear Garuda is the best for inter-Indonesian travel, but even they seem shady. Will most definitely fly a different carrier from Yogya to either KL or Singapore.

A lot of territory to cover with all these questions, I thanks in advance for your advice.

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