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Indian Visa

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Ok, so I've been reading about the nightmares people are having with trying to get a Visa for India with BLS International. I just have a few quick questions that I couldn't find answers to anywhere...but any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

- On the BLS Visa Order Form, it asks for a Airway Bill Number. Is this for the envelope you're sending everything down in, or for the return one?
-Can someone clarify what they mean with "Prepaid Delivery" on that same site?

-I've been hearing a lot about people sending multiple visa applications/passports down, but only getting one back. Should my husband & I send ours separately?
- Along those same lines, should I save myself a huge headache and just get down to New York to apply in person? Would I get the visa that day?

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    Just got our visas. It took about 2 weeks (and there was the Thanksgiving holiday included in that timeframe.) This is what we did:

    After talking to someone at BLS, I confirmed that we could mail both our applications with passports, pictures, forms, and checklist AND the return envelopes with the self-addressed labels affixed to the return envelopes in ONE envelope/package. We were told to use (2) separate return envelopes. We went to a local Fedex place and worked out the details with the guy at the desk there. We got three envelopes and took four of the "waybills" (in case for some reason we messed up on one.

    BLS also confirmed for me that we could have one cashiers cheque made out to cover both our visas. (I made a copy of the check for my package of forms, and noted on it that the actual check was in my husband's package of forms)

    Then we went back home where we were able to fill out the BLS Order form on-line with a waybill number (for the envelope we were sending to them). I think it also wanted to know what the return waybill numbers would be. I also went to the Fedex website and got myself an account, so we could "prepay" the two return delivery packages. We will no doubt be sending something to someone via Fedex, so it may be useful in the future. (?) By having an account, there is no need to put a credit card number on the waybills. At some point in the directions they said you shouldn't use forms where you hand-print in the addresses, etc., but good lord, those are the only forms offered at our local Fedex office, so I figured we could chance it. DO include the copy of the forms they must give to the Fedex when they send it back to you. You should keep the senders copy of the return mail forms.

    There is a "checklist" you must also print out and sign (one for each of you.) Don't forget that! You should also include a copy of your drivers license which shows the address to which they should be sending your passports back (even though you are self-addressing the return envelopes) Someplace in the instructions it says to use an 8/5x11 piece of paper for each drivers license. Don't copy them both on the same paper and cut it in half. (you could chance it...but honestly, what's one more hoop to jump through by this point!)

    We used big paper clips to make sure each application included all forms in the same order as the checklist requests (so we had two packages.) We folded the return envelopes in half to fit into the envelope to BLS. We are fortunate that there is a Fedex place about 5 minutes from our home.

    It is about a 5 hour drive for us up to DC, and I had considered going to visit the BLS office in DC as we will be there later next week for a couple days, but it didn't look like you could get this all done in one day, and frankly, I'd rather enjoy my time with family and friends than waiting in some office for hours only to learn I needed to come back again a day or two later. I didn't find anything that guaranteed it could be turned around in one day.

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