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Dress code in India

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In general, we try to honor as much as possible notions of appropriate dress in places where it's culturally insensitive to, for instance, wear shorts or show much skin.

That said, I'm a bit confused when it comes to India because I've read mixed messaging on what's considered appropriate there.

Honestly, lately, we've just worn shorts and t-shirts in most places we've been and never once felt like an ugly tourist. In Burma, I had read that it's uncouth to show skin and brought clothes to meet that expectation but once we got there, honestly, pretty much everyone we saw including some locals wore shorts. It was a huge relief to dress the way we normally do since I really abhor most travel clothing (wicking pants and shirts, etc.) so I'd like to avoid making that the majority of what we pack on this trip.

Curious from those folks who have gone -- what was your experience about what's "appropriate" way for foreigners to dress in India? (This is in relation to casual dress touring about the country. Obviously I know that in our hotels we have a lot more leeway both in terms of formality and informality)


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