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  1. 1 교대안마유명한곳『010+4373+1910』[서초안마추천]
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  13. 13 방배안마『010+4373+1910』[역삼안마추천]
  14. 14 삼성안마유명한곳『010+4373+1910』[선릉안마추천]
  15. 15 삼성안마좋은곳『010+4373+1910』[선릉안마추천]
  16. 16 삼성안마추천『010+4373+1910』[선릉안마추천]
  17. 17 삼성근처안마『010+4373+1910』[선릉안마추천]
  18. 18 삼성안마방『010+4373+1910』[선릉안마추천]
  19. 19 삼성동안마『010+4373+1910』[선릉안마추천]
  20. 20 삼성역안마『010+4373+1910』[선릉안마추천]
  21. 21 삼성안마『010+4373+1910』[선릉안마추천]
  22. 22 서울안마유명한곳『010+4373+1910』[강남안마추천]
  23. 23 서울안마좋은곳『010+4373+1910』[강남안마추천]
  24. 24 서울안마추천『010+4373+1910』[강남안마추천]
  25. 25 서울근처안마『010+4373+1910』[강남안마추천]
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Trip Report Burma features "Alice in Wonderland"

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I would like to share a special trek I did from Namshan to Hsipaw in March.
This path reflects the mysterious adventures one might encounter in Burma now-days.

Namshan is a Palaung village norther to Hsipaw. It's located up in the hills (around 2100m) surrounded by green hills covered with tea plantations.

My partner decided to go there with a motorbike (5 hours driving in a very bad shape road). I decided I want do make some 3-4 days trekking from Namshan back to Hsipaw so we decided to split for few days. (Later I heard he got injured with the motorcycle and went to some local hospital). Anyway, I met two girls who wanted to make the trek too, and we met another person in Namshan who joined us.

The way to Namshan took us ~7 hours using a local pickup. We arrived around evening before the sunset to this nice village with very nice and friendly people. It has one main road, and at the end you can climb to some kind of promenade and have a great view around this area.

We tried to get a local map and information about the trek we were planning to make, In Namshan, there's only one guest house, and the owner tried to convince us to take a local guide. When he realized that we're going to make it on our own, he agreed to give us some map with with local information about the path back to Hsipaw. He told us about the distances from one village to another and recommended us where to look for a place to sleep and how to pronounce the local villages name.

First Day (should be 7 hours walking):

Start at Namshan (Top orange point on the map)
Go on the road to a small town called KyaukPhu (pronounced "Chai-psu")
Continue to a small village pronounced 'Laicam-Sip'
Continue to a placed pronounced "Hoi Chaung"
Continue to a relatively big village called ManNok (pronounced "Mannau")
Go to sleep at an empty monastery located at a top of a hill and named "Eilong"

Second Day (should be 7.5 hours walking):

Start from "Eilong" and continue to a place called KwanHai (pronounced "KounHau")
Continue to a small place pronounced "Om-Te" (appears in the map as #7 point)
Continue to a small village pronounced "Phan-Son" (appears as #8 point in the map)
Go to "Kun-Hok" and sleep there at a local small guest house.

Third Day (should be 9.5 hours walking - mostly climbing a hill):
Starting early from Kun-hok climbing the hill and walking all day south to back to Hsipaw.

Detailed information can be found at a post I just uploaded about Myanmar adventures