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  1. 1 Trip Report 정통바카라今→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←今정통바카라
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  3. 3 Trip Report 세븐바카라薰→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←薰세븐바카라
  4. 4 Trip Report 플러스바카라香→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←香플러스바카라
  5. 5 Trip Report 테크노바카라知→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←知테크노바카라
  6. 6 Trip Report 여신 ▼ 접속 :≫≪
  7. 7 Trip Report 윈스바카라衡→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←衡윈스바카라
  8. 8 Trip Report 썬시티바카라太→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←太썬시티바카라
  9. 9 Trip Report 태양성바카라藤→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←藤태양성바카라
  10. 10 Trip Report 우리바카라佐→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←佐우리바카라
  11. 11 Trip Report 정선바카라代→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←代정선바카라
  12. 12 Trip Report 다모아바카라点→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←点다모아바카라
  13. 13 Trip Report 코리아바카라平→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←平코리아바카라
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  17. 17 Trip Report 바카라게임利→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←利바카라게임
  18. 18 Trip Report 바카라사이트大→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←大바카라사이트
  19. 19 Trip Report 바카라싸이트都→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←都바카라싸이트
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  24. 24 Trip Report 라이브바카라熊→╲⋟」KR997.ZZ.AM「⋞╲←熊라이브바카라
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Bangkok, Bali ... and??? itinerary help

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Dear all Asia-travellers.

My boyfriend and I are travelling to Bangkok from Copenhagen 29/6-2012 via Instanbul and arriving in Bangkok the 30th.

Then the plan is to spend two whole days and then fly to Bali 3/7. And staying for 8 nights until the july 11th. We have book a hotel a little outside Ubud center - Ubud Dedari Villas. Does anyone have experience with this place?
We are meeting friends in Bali in this period, so the dates and time cannot be changed, but I am a little concerned whether or not we will get bored during the evenings/night because we are Danes, so we love to party. How easy is it to get to Kuta/Legian and back again at night/morning? Or should we try to find a cheap hotel to crash after a night of partying?

The 11th of july the plan is to fly to Koh Samui via Phuket and stay there for 10 nights. BUT again are we wasting our time on Samui, we want to end our vacation by relaxing at a beach (ALSO a place where it doesn't rain all day) with a drink in hand, and we like the possibilities of the night life in Samui.

Should we include another place in South East Asia before arriving at Samui? Or do you guys have any other ideas for a place with amazing beaches and some kind of nightlife.

We are a young gay couple, not that we wanna party at gay places at all, but we wouldn't like being in a place/country/city where homosexuality is seen as something bad, we wanna be able to be ourselves :) ... wow a long message.. But I hope there is someone with the magic answers..
All the best Jacob and Josias!

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