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BANGKOK APARTMENTS--Suggestions? Bali?

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Sorry for beginning yet another thread on this well-covered topic.

I am playing with the idea of returning to Asia early in 2013, during the US winter. Would like to have a couple of bases and take side trips from these. I'm open to suggestions about locations, but Bangkok seems like it might be one obvious destination. I've been to the city various times and this time I'm looking more for a place to relax, indulge in local foods, and swim than to do the heavy sightseeing rounds. My travel partner has never been to Asia.

The one non-negotiable factor is that the facility must have a large, preferably rectangular, pool conducive to serious lap swimming.

To give you an idea, my favorite Bangkok pool (and I've seen comparatively few) has been at the Four Seasons. So this rules out places with irregularly shaped or circular pools, with spouting fountains in the middle.

After that, proximity to Skytrain (or BTS?) is important, and would love to be within a walk of small shops, food stalls, etc etc.

Budget is fairly flexible, but would welcome any tips on how to maximize value, since we may stay a couple of weeks.

Please comment on the following, including impressions of the surrounding area as well as of the hotels themselves.

1. The Urbana Sathorn has the type of pool I am seeking, andy prices appear to be not much more than $100US per night, but it appears to be distant from public transport.

2. Marriott Sathorn Vista looks excellent, too, with the benefit of a salt-water pool, but also appears distant from public transport. Anyone stayed here? comments?

Thoughts on these..location, pool, service...

3. Somerset Sukhumvit

4. Ascot Sathorn

5. Pan Pacific Serviced Suites

6. Marriott Mayfair (small swimming pool??)

7. Marriott Sukhumvit Park

Any others I've missed? Any new ones with good deals?

Do these places generally include breakfast in the room rate?

Those are just the ones I have marked; please chime in with other ideas.
I realize that this topic has been covered before and I am extremely grateful for any comments or assistance from those familiar with the city.

I had originally thought of combining two weeks in Bangkok with 2 weeks in Bali, but it appears that the climates of these two destinations make the combination less than ideal....when it's cool in Bangkok, its high season and rainy in Bali....thoughts on this?

A million thanks for your help!!

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