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22 Day Japan itinerary and rail pass suggestions

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Hi All,

I have been doing some research about our potential itinerary and would really appreciate some feedback.

My boyfriend and I will be in Japan for the first time from 19 May to 9 June (22 days) and would like to get an all-round experience of Japan. We are both pretty active and enjoy a variety of things, culture, shopping, food, night life, museums, exercise/ walks, spas etc... We have chosen to spend quite a bit of time in Tokyo as my boyfriend really wants to get the vibe of the city and for the other time Kyoto and day trips/ overnight stays in other places that I have read and people rave about. We also trying to time our travel to stay in the bigger cities on the weekend. Regards our first go at the itinerary I have a couple of questions:

1. Would you recommend we drop/ replace any of the places on the list

2. Are the days/ nights enough in the places chosen

3. Is going to Nikko realistic

4. When and how long for would you recommend we buy the JR pass for / when to activate

5. Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

Our proposed itinerary:

1 19-May Sunday Tokyo (arrive early morning)

2 20-May Monday Day Trip: Asakusa

3 21-May Tuesday Day Trip: Kamakura (would be interesting to see a coastal/ fishing village)

4 22-May Wednesday Tokyo

5 23-May Thursday Tokyo

6 24-May Friday Tokyo to Hakone (for the hot springs, stay in a ryokan and some nature)

7 25-May Saturday Hakone to Kyoto

8 26-May Sunday Kyoto

9 27-May Monday Kyoto

10 28-May Tuesday Kyoto

11 29-May Wednesday Kyoto

12 30-May Thursday Kyoto to Nara

13 31-May Friday Nara to Osaka

14 1-Jun Saturday Osaka

15 2-Jun Sunday Day Trip: Himeji Castle

16 3-Jun Monday Osaka (maybe do a shopping trip to the designer outlet, although don't know how affordable it will be!)

17 4-Jun Tuesday Osaka to Takayama (for the crafts markets)

18 5-Jun Wednesday Takayama to Nikko (for the nature, waterfalls)

19 6-Jun Thursday Nikko to Tokyo

20 7-Jun Friday Tokyo

21 8-Jun Saturday Tokyo

22 9-Jun Sunday Tokyo

Thank you so much in advance

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