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Travellers Beware of Online Tricks!

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They trick you into their web by offering lower prices, but when you go to book, you end up paying more than the competition. Cheapoair reflects the “service” you get, not the ticket price! I booked 2 flights from Saskatoon to Raratonga; ticket price showed $3,532.58. Once I confirmed the flight & pressed Book it, a window pops up indicating that the price has been changed and the new price is $4,270.58. (an increase of $738.00) I then had the choice to accept or pick a different flight. I tried 2 more times with the same results so I called Cheapoair directly. I got a call center in Delhi, India. I explained what had happened during my on-line booking process , so he offered me a $20.00 booking credit for my inconvenience and told me to write down the code number. He then told me that the flights I wanted were no longer available & selected other flights costing an additional $314.00 with ridiculous flight connections. He was emotionless & obvious NOT working with our best interest at heart. He kept pushing me to book at this price because, he said, they have millions of customers & each second that passes gives us less opportunity to secure a flight. I thought I would take my chances & try the booking process again. My original selection was still available for $4,270.58. Frustrated & fearful that I had to secure my flights before there were no seats available, I booked. A confirmation e-mail was sent to me but did not show e-ticket numbers.
The next day, unfortunately a Saturday, I tried to call Cheapoair to find out how to go about applying the credit code since there was no opportunity to do that when initially booking. I sat on hold for 58 min. Finally I am able to explain my problem and was told that I had the wrong dept. and was put back on hold. I waited another 38 min. for the next available agent…(to be born, I thought) I explain my problem once again & am put back on hold. When she returns, she says, “ so you want to cancel your reservation.” Shocked beyond belief after all that I went through to book seats in the first place, I said, “NO! I DO NOT want to cancel these non-refundable tickets!” & told her once again that all I wanted was to have a credit code applied to my booking. She now tells me I have the wrong dept. and gives me another number to call. I called and get a message that the office is open Mon. to Fri. only. GREAT! They are doing everything in their power to avoid applying my credit.
Later that Saturday afternoon, we get an e-mail from Cheapoair advising us that our flights have been changed and to contact them immediately to secure our reservation. Here we go again! This time I poured myself a drink, and proceeded to wait for the next available agent. During this time another e-mail comes in showing the flight change made to our itinerary. Apparently, our original flight from Saskatoon to L.A. via Calgary at 9:00AM was cancelled. This resulted in Cheapoair booking us 1 day earlier on a flight to Toronto where we would have to overnight (Hotel, Taxi, Meals) before catching a flight to Los Angeles for a 12 hour layover! I was livid when I saw this. Do they know anything about geography? I immediately called Air Canada on another line, to see what other options were available. I was told that we could simply fly 90 minutes earlier than originally planned; avoiding a lost day of salaries, the extremely long layover, as well as the additional expenses to overnight in Toronto. BRILLIANT! This re-confirmed my belief that Cheapoair did not have the slightest interest in their customers. While I have Air Canada on one phone, Cheapoair finally takes my call after 52 min. Air Canada has agreed to stay on the line while I try to sort out the reservation with Cheapoair, and listens in while I explain the better flight option that is available. I get cut off with Cheapoair. I thank A/C for the flight info and call Cheapoair AGAIN! Another 62 min. later, I have given the agent the recommended flight details from A/C & I am then sent out an e-mail confirmation with the revised itinerary , including the e-ticket numbers this time.
FYI, on Monday, when I call the number I was given to have my credit code applied, it turns out that it was actually for the travel rewards department and they were unable to help me. I was sent on another goose chase. I called Cheapoair again & finally got through to someone who helped me get the credit applied to my credit card. Apparently, transferring calls and putting you on hold is quite a popular game with call centers when they don’t want to deal with a problem.
After this nightmare, I did what I should have done in the first place. I called Air New Zealand and Air Canada for the prices based on my selected route, and found out that I would have saved myself over $400.00; not to mention all of the stress & aggravation that I endured! I will NEVER make this mistake again and I hope that you are not about to!

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